Lighting Tower 15mtr 40,000 Lumens

Ideally suited for community events or night work on job sites.

This cherry picker is mounted with 2 x200 Watt LED or 40,000 Lumens. Directional lighting to suit getting into those tricky places, lights can be tilted up or down and left to right. Also because it's mounted on a 15mtr cherry picker you have the added advantage of getting up to 15mtrs up with the ability to slew boom and basket for more acute angles sideways slew. If you are near a power source (single phase) just plug in or we can supply a generator.

Fully road towable makes this unit easy to transport to and from the site. Photographs are showing setting up of the tower at the amalgamation of Fire Service ceremony June 2017 at Ashburton Airport.


$185 per day running from electricity or $200 per day with supplied generator. All breakages and missing items are charged out at full replacement cost. (Prices include GST)


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Lighting Tower 15mtr 40,000 Lumens
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