57 x RGBW LED 10
57 x RGBW57-rgbw-leds-357-rgbw-leds-4

57 x RGBW LEDs Lights

Light Set 4 – Some Clear

This 4-Some LED light effect set contains 4 LED Moonflower units and is easy to install due to the included T-bar. The 4 units can be positioned separately and are controlled by 7 DMX channels to create beautiful light shows. The units have 228 RGBW LEDs in total for high light output and are able to project beautiful figures. The show will be extra special because of the clear enclosure. For easy use, the units can also work with built-in automatic programs or they can be sound controlled. Even a master/slave setting is possible making all units do exactly the same. The T-bar fits onto every 35mm stand which makes this 4-Some light effect set your perfect choice for on the road applications.

  • 4 LED units in one set
  • Transparent/clear enclosure
  • Each unit can be positioned separately
  • 3 Auto programs + 3 sound programs
  • LED display
  • High light output
  • DMX and power linkable
  • Easy to install and use

Simply to use, just plug in


$70 each or $120 for 2 (includes stands). All breakages and missing items are charged out a replacement cost. Prices include GST)


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Product Description

ga(‘require’, ‘GTM-TCTB9HT’);57 x RGBW LEDs

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