Diesel heater 32 Kilowat

Heater Infra-Red 32 Kilowatt Diesel

The VAL6 are one of the best space heaters on the market, very quiet and virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion. This translates to clean, odourless, smokeless operation and, more importantly, fuel savings. The Val 6 is able to transfer infra-red heat directly to the object without any loss of heat or air movement.Safety features include a tip-over sensor and an over voltage detector. Suitable for large workshops halls, hangers.


  • Heat Output 112000 BTU/hr
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Tank Capacity 35 litres approx 10 hours run time
  • Power Source 240 V 50 Hz
  • Fuel consumption 2.67 kg/h
  • Power Consumption 60 W
  • Tip-Over Sensor
  • Adjustable Disk Angle Tilts upward 20 degree


Safety equipment required. Heat Mats strongly recommended for Wooden Floors and Lawns


8 hours full Day $60, Week $270, Month $720, Extra Charge if Returned Dirty, (Prices include GST)

Heat mat $20 a day


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